How To Make A Girl Want You

How To Make A Girl Want You

Article by Christian Hudson.

You and I both know that you can’t just snap your fingers and know how to make a girl want you.  Let’s be honest with each other – there’s no “silver bullet” that’s gonna make her just fall for you.  But what I want to do here today is give you two big tips that are gonna help you out in a big way.

I’m guessing if you’re reading this then there is a particular girl you like, and you’ve probably talked with her a little bit.  If you are still working up the courage to talk to her, that’s a whole other thing; you should read my tips on how to talk to approach a girl you like.

So here’s the simple way that to get a girl to want you:

1.) Make Her Want You… By Being Awesome

It’s kind of cliche, but it’s like this: you’ve gotta have something more important than the girl in your life.  something you’re driven to do.  not just because she’ll respect you for being driven, but also because she’s gotta know that you’ve got something more important than her.  A girls gets turned off when she’s the center of a guy’s life, but if she feels like she has to COMPETE for his attention with something else, it’s a big turn on.  She wants to be part of the adventure… she doesn’t want to be the adventure.

2.) Build Attraction By Making Her Feel Good

When you’re around her, make her FEEL GOOD.  Most nice guys think the right way to do this is to kiss her ass, talk about their feelings, etc.  Jerks are just, well… jerks – they’re mean and they put girls down (note: bad boys aren’t jerks – they just put themselves first and have boundaries, which most nice guys don’t).  And insecure guys just try to prove themselves and brag.

None of those guys end up with the girl.  No, the guy who knows women is able to make her LAUGH and SMILE by being playful and teasing her – that’s how to get a girl to want you.   And you have to be ok making fun of yourself too – it shows that you’re confident.

This video demonstrates some examples of how to flirt with a girl properly using a ninja technique that I call “implied investment”.  It’s kind of long (I would definitely tighten it up if I recorded it again) but it’s full of awesome material.  I also reveal some huge mistakes that I see guys making, and what to do instead.

3.) Excite Her By Being Unpredictable

 Answer some of her texts immediately, but make her wait an hour before answering others.  Or be super friendly one day, like hugging her and smiling at her a lot, then be kind of distant the next day.  This unpredictability creates DRAMA and makes her work invest more in getting your attention.  I mean heck, she already knows you’re awesome and she already feels good around you, so just make her miss it and wonder if she can have it all to herself, and you’ll be set.

Make a Girl Want You: More Tips 

Look – get these things right, and you WILL make a girl want you.  Obviously, there’s a lot of other “little stuff” but if you get this stuff wrong, then it doesn’t matter how much of the little stuff you get right.

So now that you’ve got a baseline, let’s get more specific.  Which of the following describes your situation best?

  1. There’s a girl I know, but I haven’t really talked to her yet – I want some tips on how to make her want me when I approach her.”

  2. There’s a girl who I like, but she thinks of me as a friend, and I want some tips on how to make her want me as a boyfriend or hookup buddy.”

  3. I’ve gone on a date (or a few) with a girl, but I’m not making good progress, and I don’t want to lose her.”

  4. My girlfriend is losing interest – or broke up with me – and I want to know how to make her want me again.

  5. I’ve got a girl’s number, but I’m not sure what to text her, and I want to know what texts to send to make her want me.

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  1. nicholas wryan mccrary
    1372 days ago

    i need help man im typing this because i have a friend who i want as my girl friend basically im stuck in the friend zone any help would be great

  2. Matteo
    1247 days ago

    This was very insightful. I like your balanced approach Christian. I never thought I’d find something actually useful when I typed in how to make a girl want you but you’re a great writer. Thank you.

  3. ............... :-D
    1228 days ago

    i red this, and havent tried it out yet, but it seems like its good advice. i will try it out. Thanks!!

  4. Ivailo Plamenov Paskov
    1220 days ago

    I like this girl and well she is my friend i’m stuck in the friend zone and to make it even worse she has some interest in 2 of my friends.can you help me ?

  5. krodhguru
    1212 days ago

    Hey buddy being a player and trying to become one has lots of difference in experience! I mean I have good experience in relationshipa and moat of the times its bout how u confuse them with repeated attention and again showing some lack of interest! your article explains it but in a very elongated confused manner! maybe it is necessary in your point of view! try and rewrite your article if you want to.. take care players! goodbye!!

  6. mark biggs
    1204 days ago

    i like what u said the txt thing is working for me… thanks dude

  7. James
    1201 days ago

    Hopefully these tips will help me be able to date the one girl I really like sarah

  8. spokane
    1194 days ago

    DAMN. Good friggin advice. I love everyhting u said, helpful for getting my mind in the right place. Video has some bomb ass info too even if it is a little long. Think this stuff is gonna help a lot, thanks Christian.

  9. johnny
    1184 days ago

    you gotta just be confident number one thing when u just meet a chick DONT GET ATTACHED make them come to you its easy be patent. girls are fun learn the game.

  10. ....
    1179 days ago

    Does this helps to get back your ex ? :(

  11. Kurt
    1178 days ago

    Looking forward to talking with you.

  12. Ace
    1171 days ago

    When was the last time someone told you you were the man?

  13. Anon
    1169 days ago

    Im not sure if im in the Friendzone.

  14. Marcus
    1168 days ago

    Awesome article! I have a bit of a unique situation. There’s this girl and we went to high school together, she rejected me in my freshman year. I was ugly and awkward then. I’ve changed, I try all these tips, but whenever I compliment her or try to make any sort of physical attraction she treats me awkwardly. We used to be friends, but I decided that doesn’t work, we don’t click that way. Its either all or nothing, any other way would be a waste of time. Any thoughts?

  15. Mitch Wilson
    1162 days ago

    I like this article. You could also add texting her more and calling her could make her happy :)

  16. Nick
    1161 days ago

    So, what’s the best way to approach a girl at a club/bar ? I never know what to say. I always notice that a lot of women pay attention to me when I walk in but I never know what to say any help would be great.

  17. tyler
    1154 days ago

    You have got very good tips, but the thing I am wondering is how do you get her to see you through the croud. Please help me man.

  18. Andrew
    1154 days ago

    Hey man, helpful stuff. You probably get this a lot but i’m stuck in a friend zone with a girl I’ve been interested in for a long time. Any advice to help me would be killer.

  19. Darrel
    1151 days ago

    I need help Seems like she is playing the same game.I called her and she said that she were at the grocery store to call back in 10 mins.She never answered the phone.But,Later she sends me photos of her.I tried to call again She never picks up the phone.Eventually in 2 days she calls me back.

  20. joe webb
    1149 days ago

    yeh interesting, theres a lot to learn, but hopefully i dont have to do much thinking

  21. Daniel
    1141 days ago

    Just saying, another way is to brush her hair, look her in the eyes(if you already have her on a date) tell her she is beautiful, how you like her smile, her beautiful face, and lean in slowly to kiss her if she leans near you and gently bring your hand up from her thighs, to her waist, then to her air, brush her hair out of her face and then kiss here more, after tell her everything that is good about her(light lie sometimes about and to her) and end it.
    Try it and I promise you this will work, right now I have my co-workers who are girls(most of them(98)) who want me so bad and I tell them I’m dating someone to make them want me more, and it works. So try it.

  22. Joe
    1137 days ago

    I like this girl. She has a bf but they just got together. We’re friends but I think I’m close to being friend zoned. I complement her like everyday and be all sweet to her and I’m sure she likes it but I don’t wanna fall into the friend zone. Any tips on attracting her?

  23. jason
    1129 days ago

    Yo this shit is genius yo! I been talking to this girl for a few weeks and i totally feel that im investing more and for ever i thought thats how its supposed to be (because it KINDA is) but with all these “implied” approaches and third party examples and shit i think things will get a little more interesting.
    Round 1 dingdingding

  24. Farooz
    1128 days ago

    I was wanting a girl she was wanting me too but i don’t know either due to my mistakes or due to something else she want to make gap between me and her even she don’t want to look at my face .Please help me so that i can make her my girlfriend.

  25. Mike
    1120 days ago

    This is some AWESOME advice on how to make a girl want you.

    Major props Christian.

  26. Brian
    1113 days ago

    Hi, thanks for your advice as mentioned in the video.
    My girlfriend and I are goinh through a tough phase, she told me, she knows that i’ll be there for her anytime she needs me. She even mentioned that sh is aware she takes me for granted already. And she said, lets meet once for this month on our monthsary, and she didn’t mention anything about the following months, as we are in the same school pursuing our studies.
    Please help!

  27. Justice
    1101 days ago

    Dude, I have been on one date for 26 years now, am afraid to approach girls. When they approach me! I create an excuse to leave because I don’t really know what to do or say.