Ok, what you’re about to read will be different from what you probably expect. That’s because when you’re looking for advice on how to attract women, you usually want a line – something to say or to do.

We’ve got pickup lines on this site, but TRUST ME – lines will not make as much of a difference as what I’m about to share with you.

Who am I to be telling you this?

Well, I’ve run the biggest pickup bootcamp training company in the world.  I’ve coached hundreds of guys how to attract girls, and overseen the training of thousands.  I’ve been on CNN, in Men’s Health, and even won awards that I didn’t know existed.

But I used to be painfully shy – like, massive social anxiety.  I couldn’t pick up women if my life depended on it.  And I felt like I had NO power.  I’m the classic case of the guy who stayed in a relationship where I was getting treated like crap, all because I felt like I couldn’t do better.

So whether that’s you… or whether you’ve never even had a girlfriend, or whether you’re just looking for a few tips to help you pick up women next time you’re out… well, I built this site for you because I want you to have the power to attract women too.

So let’s get to it:

Three Tricks That Will Help You Attract Women

Attract Women With Eye Contact1.) Make Longer Eye Contact: Seriously – this has more of an impact than anything else you could do.  And you know what?  When you’re attracted to a woman,  it’s HARD to do.  But this is the VERY first thing you need to get right.  It’s like a big tell in poker.  Guys who can get women easily get this right, guys who aren’t good get it wrong.  Women know and feel the difference.

How to Do It: Be mindful next time you’re out and you’re talking to a woman who you like.  Let your eye contact linger for an extra second or two, and tilt your head to the side and narrow your gaze.  Just force it until it’s habit.  It took me years to realize how important this was, and it’s one of the first things that we drill with our clients.  It demonstrates more confidence and sexiness than anything else you could do.

2.) Shut Up Already: Why do guys run out of things to say when they try to pick up women?  Because they talk too much at first, and don’t give the girl space to ask questions. If a girl is halfway into you, she’ll start asking questions.  Don’t give her long answers – chunk ‘em up.  For example, if she asks what you do, rather than saying “Oh, I’m an accountant. It’s pretty boring but you know, it pays the bills,” say “Oh… I’m an accountant.” Then give her a slight smirk and make eye contact with her, as if to invite her to ask another question.  She will.  This is the sort of behavior that will seriously attract women – this is how awesome guys with nothing to prove act.

3.)  Push Forward: There is nothing more arousing for a woman than to be desired by a man she values.  If she’s feeling you, at all, then step it up.  Touch her lightly, ask for her number, get in closer to her… guys who are good with women always go for the kiss nonverbally.  Just know that she wants to feel the desire of a strong, confident man.  And you’re gonna have a ton of fun attracting women once you get over the fear and make it happen.

How To Do It: You might want to check out our article on body language to attract women – that will tell you where to start.  There are always boundaries, and while you’re learning how to be better with women, you can either step forward cautiously, inch by inch, or you can hit the boundary hard a few times and learn that way.  The second way a lot faster, a lot more aligned with your masculine nature (hey, you’re the pursuer), and you know what?  Women find it hot.

So do you want to attract women and learn “big gun” secrets?

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Rock and roll,

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    How to increase my confident to talk to a woman

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    Awesome stuff!

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    Teach me how to increase my confident to talk to a woman

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